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SAP online Training program

Learning to understand the principles of interaction between the major business trends in the framework of the SAP

In order to start Online SAP program, you must have a certain base - oriented in the IT technologies to realise the meaning of the concept of "business process", have the skills to work with the staff, know the basics of accounting. Actually, no other requirements for a potential student is not present, because the process of learning takes place at home.

Worked with CRM;
Automated warehouse, supply, trade, and logistics;
Customizable accounting personnel;
Well aware of the accounting and finance;
They have experience working the system administrato

Moreover, if online classes are made with the participation of the coach, it shows students working system settings and the basic functional elements, which encompasses any SAP software. Also, the coach examines the work of students, their comments, fixes bugs, answering questions, holding consultations.

There is also a simplified form of training, consisting in the normal viewing training videos. In this case, the training takes place free of charge. In addition, the person did not attached to anything - he can watch the video at any time convenient to him, not looking up from their personal files. The result of such training can not be sufficiently effective, as there is no practical training, teaching materials, live chat with a specialist, and an individual approach to each students
Enroll the SAP CRM Certification and Training Program

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