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Bei der Vorbereitung auf die Zertifizierungsprüfung für den Planning Associate (C_SAC_2208) bin ich u. a. auf folgende Unstimmigkeiten gestoßen;

1) You need to schedule the import master data for the profit center, cost center, account dimensions as well as the transction data.

Each dimension has members, text, attributes and a hierarchy.

When importing from SAP Business Warehouse. How many import steps do you need?

– > a 4; b 10; c 13. Antwort von Pass4Success: 10. Antwort ERPProof: 4.

2) What can you do in a value driver tree with only a BI user role?

-> Antwort von Pass4Success: “Nest Value Driver Trees”, “Enter data into the value driver tree”. Antwort von ERPPrep: ”Enter Data into the value driver tree.” “Filter the date dimension at node level”

3) Which of the following are features of an Embedded Data Action step?

-> Antwort von Pass4Success: “Create cyclical references of data actions”, “nest data actions”. Antwort von ERPPrep: “Link parameters of data actions”, “Nest Data Actions”

4) What are some Characteristics of popups in analytic applications?

-> Antwort von Pass4Success: “Scripting can be assigned to buttons in the popup”, “Dropdowns in the popup are only displayed when needed”. Answer from ERPPrep: “Popups have a scripting event onInitialization”, “Dopdowns in the popup are only displayed when needed”.

5) Where can you schedule an import into an SAP Analytics cloud model?

-> Antwort von Pass4Success: “Data Management”. Answer von ERPPEP: “Data Action Monitor”

6) Which scheduling task is available from the SAP Analytics Cloud calendar?

->Antwort von Pass4Success: “Multiaction”, Antwort von ERPPrep: „Planning sequence“

7) When you set up a copy data action, what must you do to allow the user to select the source and target version?

-> Antwort von Pass4Success: “Create a parameter for the source version”. Antwort von ERPPrep: “Create a parameter for the target version”

8) You have a planning model with the following dimensions: account, product, profit center, date, and version. In a story, which new master data can you add on the fly?

-> Antwort von Pass4Success: “A. Profit Center property value”, “B. Hierarchy Node” whilst in ERPPrep the answer is: “Profit center member”, “Hierarchy node”

9) In a story, you are on a New Model with currency translation enabled. Which properties in the calculation editor are available when you configure currency conversion?

-> Antwort von Pass4Success: “C. Category, D. Exchange Rate” whilst the answer in ERPPrep would be: “Source measure, Category”

10) You imported a transaction data file into an empty model with the results as shown in Figure A. Later, a member of the finance team wants you to import a new data file. In the new data file, you find the following differences: The value of the Labor account has increased to 1600. There is a new record for the Services account, with a value of 250. The record for the Travel account has been deleted. To achieve the result shown in Figure B, which option must you use to update the data?

-> Antwort von Pass4Success: “Append: Reject duplicated rows in model.”. Antwort von ERPPrep: “Update”

Hat jemand eine Idee, wie ich zu den richtigen Antworten komme?

(Im ebook auf SAP Learning Hub, auf, sowie auf habe ich die Antworten noch nicht finden können. Ein Hands-On Ansatz mit einem SAC Testsystem ist bei einigen Fragen unmöglich.

Hab ihr Erfahrungswerte zur Zuverlässigkeit der Antworten?